Sunday, May 27, 2018

Who is the cost bearer of Exit/Re-entry Visa fee?


To travel out of Saudi Arabia, people from foreign country living and working there need an exit/re-entry visa. As we have previously shared various articles regarding exit and re-entry visa we know that single exit re-entry visa costs SR 200 whereas multiple exit re-entries visa costs SR 500. What people don't know is who needs to actually pay out if his pocket for the exit re-entry visa and who doesn't.
For Employee: According to the Article 40 (1) of Saudi Labour Law, "the employer is responsible for paying the fee of exit re-entry visa of the employee". However, this law does not say as to how many times the employee is entitled to receive the exit re-entry visa annually. The exit re-entry visa is required before temporarily exiting Saudi Arabia. In this case, the employee needs to apply for leave which he or she is entitled to once a year. According to this, it is employer's responsibility to pay exit re-entry visa fee at least once a year. This doesn't, however, include airfare.
For Dependents: We covered who the cost bearer is for exit re-entry visa fee for an employee once a year, now we can discuss who needs to pay for the dependents of the employee. Saudi Labour Law doesn't say anything in regards to the dependents exit re-entry visa fee. If anything is written in employee contract regarding the exit re-entry visa fee of dependents, the employee can refer to that, such as if the employee has been given family status then the whole family is entitled to one or two exit re-entry visas a year or whatever the case might be.
Encash the exit re-entry visa: Lastly, what if the employee is not using their allotted leave, can he or she receive the exit re-entry visa fee from the employer? In Saudi Labour Law, it doesn't say anything about cashing out the exit re-entry visa, and if the contract doesn't say anything either, the employer has every right to not pay the amount.