Friday, May 18, 2018

What To Do If You Lost Iqama In Saudi Arabia


If someone lost their Iqama and don’t know what to do after that. Don’t worry here is the simple yet difficult procedure for you to follow, in case if you lost your muqeem card or Iqama.
Things to know:
  • Fee appropriate for the loss of Iqama or muqeem card( Saudi Arabia ID card) for the first time is SR 1000/- for the second time it is SR 2000/- and for the third time is SR 3000/- 
  •  According to the Arab News (Dated; 24-03-2014) if your Iqama is stolen, Report it within 24 hours and avoid punishment.

Things to do if you lost your Iqama:
  •  Firstly check all possible places to find your Muqeem card or Iqama, If still unable to find your Iqama then you must report it to your sponsor.
  •  Make a written wrote in Arabic, How you lost your Iqama and where you lost it. Then report it to the police with the help of your company person, who deals with your company iqama’s or your company will assign this task to someone else.
  • Your sponsoring kafeel should arrange Arabic statement in your company logo letterhead signed by Chamber of Commerce and it must explain how you lost your Iqama and where you lost it. (Chamber of Commerce sign are not for those who are a worker in public sector or government companies like Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudi Aramco, SABIC in which countries own 50% of capital).
  •  If your Iqama expiry date is one year or less, then you must have to pay one-year Iqama fee SR 650/-
  • A specific person from your sponsor should visit Jawazat with Letter pad Arabic written statement, Two photographs, Copy of Lost Iqama, Copy of Passport, Payment proof of fine (SR 1000/-) and Fee (SR 650/-) and Jawazat filled form.
  • If everything is according to the method, You will get a hard copy of Iqama or Muqeem Card on the same day or maybe next day.

It is recommended to keep your contact details under your wallet where you put your Iqama. If someone found your lost Iqama he may return you IN SHA ALLAH.