Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What is Iqama/ Muqeem in Saudi Arabia ? Procedure to get your Iqama in Saudi Arabia


Iqama/ Muqeem in Saudi Arabia

What is Iqama/ Muqeem?

If a person is living or working in Saudi Arabia he must have a personal identity card that is known as Iqama. Your id is required everywhere that is a number written on Iqama. Your sponsor arrange this Iqama for you when you come to Saudi Arabia on a working visa of 90 days.
It is basically permission from government for residence of expatriates after expiry of 90 days working visa. It is valid for one year in a Hijri date. This is very important thing for Expatriates .It is a requirement of law that needed by every expatriates for the legality of stay.
 It is required from appointment to doctor to visiting government department. It is not legal to stay in Saudi Arabia without it. You are not able to do anything without Iqama. At the beginning of Muharram 1437H, Muqeem card was launched. 

The appearance of Iqama is changed and now it is called as Muqeem card. It is valid for five years but have to renew it every year online. It is an identification card.


· Expatriates can take their family for visit for period of 6 months.
· It is temporary legal permission for living in Saudi Arabia.
· They can go for Umrah if they are Muslim expatriates.
· They can easily open a bank account.
· They can travel to different cities in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
· They can get driving license if they have Iqama.


1. Name in English
2. Name in Arabic
3. Iqama number
4. Serial number
5. Place of issue
6. Date of issue
7. Date of birth
8. Profession
9. Nationality
10. Religion
11. Name of employee
12. Iqama number in English

Documents required for applying Iqama:

– Visa Application form
– Medical Report
– 4 passport size Photographs
– Employment Letter
– Visa Reference Letter
– Educational Certificates with attestation
– Agreement or Contract Copy
– Authorization or Power of Attorney