Sunday, May 27, 2018

What happen if a Deported Expatriate Enters Saudi Arabia again?


If an expatriate has been living in Saudi Arabia illegally and is caught, the Saudi government will put him in the detention center for some time and eventually will deport him back to his native country.
All the expenses of food while in the detention center as well as of deporting back will be borne by an expatriate.
The passport of illegal expatriate will be banned from reentering Saudi Arabia. Saudi government will take his biometric further ensuring that he will not able to come to the country even with a different country's passport.

There is now a new policy that if an illegal expatriate is banned from any one of the GCC countries, he cant enter any of the GCC countries.  Saudi Government has given all its embassies all over the globe, strict guidelines to be followed in regards with this matter that give them the power to check whether the applicant has been a former deportee from Saudi Arabia. And if the applicant is a deported expatriate, he will immediately be rejected Saudi visa.

If by chance he has been granted a visa, doesn’t mean he can enter the country as an immigration officer at the airport will catch and detain him again. When caught in Saudi Arabia, the illegal expatriate will be fined SR 1000 and re-deportation at his own expense for re-entering Saudi Arabia the first time and SR 2000 plus 5 month jail time and re-deportation at his own expense if caught for re-entering the country for the second time.