Monday, May 28, 2018

Step by step process for applying Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born in Saudi Arabia


Following are the steps in details to get iqama for a newly born baby born in Saudi Arabia:
Birth Certificate:
First and foremost is to get the birth certificate of the new baby born in Saudi Arabia by Civil Affairs. It should also be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.
Next is needed a passport from the embassy of the native country. In some countries, a national identity card is required to make a passport. If it is required then obtain the card first.
It is recommended to have the passport translated and attested from the expatriate’s native country embassy.
Appointment with Jawazat:
Jawazat facilitates people to get an appointment online. And it is necessary to have an appointment for the issuance of baby iqama.
Dependent’s Fee:
The dependent fee is required to be paid. The amount of fee depends on when the baby is born. If the baby is born before or on 1st July 2017 then it will start from 1st July 2017 till the expiry date of the expatriate. However, if the baby is born after 1st July 2017 then it will be from baby’s date birth till the expiry date of expatriate’s iqama.
Adding the baby as a dependent:
It is mandatory to add the baby as dependent in parent’s iqama before applying for the baby’s iqama. It should be filled in Arabic, if a person doesn’t k ow Arabic he or she can have it filled by an agent sitting outside Jawazat office (SR 10).  
Documents to have ready before going to Jawazat building are as follows:
·         Original passport of the newly born baby
·         2 passport size photos of the baby.
·         Iqama form with baby photo attached.
·         Copy of father’s Passport
·         Copy of mother’s passport
·         Original Marriage Certificate duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if the wife is not under expatriate’s sponsorship.
·         Copy of expatriate’s Iqama
·         Copy of wife’s Iqama
·         Copy of baby’s Birth Certificate
Note: If applying for Iqama after 12 months of the childbirth, a fine of SR 1,000 should be paid through SADAD.
Jawazat in Jeddah: 
In Jeddah, Jawazat is located at the passport office in Rehab. Instead of going to the main building, take first left and then right. There is a big board with a red arrow on top that directs to the corridor on left. There are various doors. The last to second leads to counters 1 thru 9. Counters 6 and 7 are for adding new baby born in Saudi Arabia and counter 8 is for babies born outside of Saudi Arabia.
Jawazat in Riyadh: 

The building for baby iqama is separate from the main building at the back on the left side. The manager will give the ticket after seeing the appointment. After that, the officer will check the paperwork and file on the system that takes about 2 min. After checking the document, he will give them back along with one photo of the baby. Next is to get to the receiving desk with a photo of a baby and person’s iqama. It will be ready in few minutes time.