Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Step by step procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia


It is better to know all the relevant information well ahead of childbirth on how to get the birth certificate when the child is born in Saudi Arabia as the paperwork start as soon as the baby is born.
Further, some document takes time to be prepared and a fine of SR 50 is also imposed if the child is registered after one month of childbirth.
Following is the step by step procedure to get Birth Certificate when the baby is born in Saudi Arabia.
Get an appointment with Ahwal e Madni (Civil Affairs): 
To register baby on time in Saudi Arabia, getting the appointment with Civil Affairs at least a month before the baby is due is better. The appointment can be obtained online from the Ministry of Interior web portal link here.
Contact the civil affairs of the city where the baby is born, if contact some other, the request will not be entertained.
Note: A SR 50 late fee will be charged by civil affair if the child is registered after one month of childbirth. Which can be paid online.
Birth Notification from the Hospital: 
When the baby is born, ask the hospital to give a notification paper. It has the bio-data of the baby, make sure that everything, especially family Iqama ID, name, birth date, time and most important baby’s name are correct.
Hospital notification takes about one week to be ready, so it is recommended to apply for it as soon as the baby is born. It also should be stamped and have doctor or medical officer’s sign.
Required Documents: 
Following is the list of documents you should have before going to Ahwal e Madni for the birth certificate:
·         A copy of appointment mentioning the date and time of the appointment. As it will be needed to get the token at Ahwal e Madni office.
·         A copy of child’s birth notification issued by the Hospital
·         Copies of Iqama of both parents
·         Copies of passport of both parents
·         A new form has replaced the old one named “form 87”. You will need to fill the new form in Arabic.
The new form can be found here
At Ahwal-e-Madni Office: 
It is strongly recommended to be at Ahwal e Madni office at least an hour before the appointed time. At Ahwal e Madni office they give token and then call the name of the person to the respective counter. There you will have to submit the documents and wait for the birth certificate to be ready.
Birth Certificate of a child if the father is not a Saudi Resident: 
If the father of the child is not Saudi resident, meaning that if the father doesn’t live in Saudi Arabia then the mother will need the following documents to apply for child’ birth certificate:
·         Copy of attested marriage certificate. And an Arabic translation (from home country Home Ministry, Saudi Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
·         Power of Attorney given by father that authorizes another person (preferably close relatives) to apply for the birth certificate, collect it, sign documents and do related legal procedures
The Power of Attorney should be issued by the native country court, attested by Saudi Embassy in the homeland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.
Status on Ministry of Interior:
Once the birth certificate is issued by Ahwal e Madni, the baby’s name will be added in the expatriate’s dependent’s list.
Note: this is not the newborn iqama, the person has to apply for separate iqama for the baby as well.
Ahwal e Madni Office, Riyadh: 
Ahwal e Madni office is near Nasiriya Moror office in Riyadh. Just adjacent to Pakistan International School.
After entering the main building, turn on left side, where a guard will see appointment paper and will give the token.
The waiting area is on the right side, you will have to wait there before they entertain (window 2 or 3 are usually deal with birth certificates). They will check and keep the documents.
Once the document submission, the birth certificate will be ready after a while. They call the name of father or mother (whoever submitted the documents) to come and collect the birth certificate. Tell them the baby’s name and get the certificate.
Google Map Coordination for Ahwal e Madni Office in Riyadh is:  24.654209, 46.681778.
Ahwal e Madni Office, Jeddah: 
Address: Arbaeen Street (Prince Mitaeb Road) JEDDAH. 
In the office just go to the left until you reach the last window, show the appointment paper. The person will give you a token number.
When called take the documents to be submitted. The officer there will check the documents and prints out the birth certificate.
The officer will call the name to collect the birth certificate after stamping it. Check to see if the details in that are correct. Along with the birth certificate, he will give back the documents.
GPS Coordinates: 21.5690689,39.209327.

Have the Birth Certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if the child is of an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia.