Monday, May 28, 2018

Procedure to be followed for Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia


Following are the steps to be taken for final exit from Saudi Arabia: 
1.      Paying the Dependent's fee:
To get the final exit visa for the dependent, the expatriate has to pay the fee for the next two months from the date its been applied for. For instance, if Final Exit Visa request is applied on 1st January, 2018, the fee should be paid till 1st March, 2018.  it is because the validity of Final Exit Visa is 60 days.
2.   Notice Period at Work:
As in every job, a notice should be given to the employer for at least a month's time or as mentioned in the job contract when resigning the company. The Saudi Labor Law suggests notice period of one month. In Saudia if the employee worked for a company more than 2 or more years he is entitled to End of Service Benefits from the employer .
3.    Notice Period of House:
Similarly, at least a 30 days’ notice should be given to the landlord before leaving the house. It is a norm in Saudi Arabia to pay the rent in advance for either 3 or 6 months. If the person has paid the rent in advance for the months he will not be living in the house anymore he has to find a new tenant himself. When found, the new tenant can pay the old tenant remaining rent. In Saudi Arabia it is uncommon to get the advance back from the landlord.
The furniture and the appliances used while living in Saudi Arabia can be sold. The new tenant might be interested in purchasing these things or they can be sold to someone else.
4.   Disconnecting the Landline and Post Paid SIM Cards:
All the landlines connections that might be under a person's name of STC, must be disconnected before leaving the country. it should be done at least 15 days before applying for the final exit visa. it is a simple procedure and can be done by calling the STC from the same landline and requesting to deactivate the service permanently. the agent will ask you to pay a certain amount and after the payment is made the service will be disconnected within 7 days.
Similarly, if there is a postpaid connection under the person's name, it is better to deactivate it by paying any payable amount. Any unpaid amount might cause a problem at the airport.
It is advisable to have a prepaid phone handy with sufficient balance before going to the airport so if any problem comes up you will have a source of communication.
5.   Paying Electricity Bill:
Like all the other payables, you should pay off the electricity bill before leaving. The good thing is that in Saudi Arabia electricity charges are not high. It is SR 50 to 100 on average per house.
6.   Traffic Fines & Tickets:
The person should pay off any traffic fine or ticket he might have under his name. It is better to pay it off as soon as possible.
7.   Selling Car:
Since selling car takes time, it is good to put it up for sale when you finally decide to apply for the final exit. An advertisement can be placed on along with the picture of a car and intended selling price. You might get several buyers from the website with the good offer.
The other way, which might be the quickest way to sell the car is to take it to Haraj. There the person can sell the car on the spot as the available buyers will check out the car and will give an offer. The offer might not be the best ones out there but the car will sell quicker.
Transferring ownership only takes a day. Ministry of Interior website has the details where you can make sure whether the transfer has been made before leaving the country.

8.   Surrendering the Credit Cards:
If there is any payable amount left on the credit card, it might cause hindrance at the airport. Everyone leaving Saudi Arabia permanently should pay their credit card bills before the final exit. And make sure that credit cards are deactivated as it can also cause problems. If you don’t have any payable amount but a credit card is active, you can still face the problem. It is recommended to deactivate the credit cards at least 15 -20 days before leaving Saudi Arabia as the deactivation process takes time.

9.   Police Clearance Certificate:
Many people do not think of getting the police clearance certificate important but it is strongly recommended that any person leaving Saudi Arabia to get the Police Clearance Certificate from the Department of Police Saudi Arabia.

10. Send the Important Belongings through Cargo:
When the person is leaving Saudi Arabia permanently they usually have a lot of luggage which he might can’t take with him by plane. In this case, it is better to send the cargo before leaving through cargo. Cargo through the sea is cheap that cost around SR 3-5 per kg whereas if sent by air, cargo charges are a little high ranging SR 8-10 per kg. People living in Jeddah can have their cargo delivered to their doorstep by the cargo service provider located in Balad.

11. End of Service Benefits:
For all the employees working in a company, more than 2 years are entitled to End of Service Benefits. When leaving permanently, the person receives the end of service benefits after the processing of the final exit visa.
It is safer to remit the money received by the company as End of Service Benefits. However, the exchange rate given by banks is always lesser than from other private money exchanges.
Saudi Arabia has some restriction on how much cash a person can carry with him while flying in or out of Saudi Arabia. If the cash is higher than that amount it is safe to send it through the bank to the homeland.  In some cases, if the family of an expatriate going before him, he can send half or some of the money with them while taking the remaining with himself.
If the process of end of benefits takes time and the person has to leave the country before that, the employee can have transferred the amount to his account in the homeland.
12. Departure:
The person has to leave the country within the validity on his final exit visa. Once he receives the final exit visa, the duration of his iqama becomes invalid. It is very important to understand that he should not overstay and should leave before the end date of his final exit visa. If not, the Saudi immigration officer will catch him and will detain him for several months. It is strongly recommended to book the ticket once the final exit visa fee is has been paid.
13. Stamped Final Exit Visa:
Now a lot of companies in Saudi Arabia do not give final exit visa papers to the employees due to new paperless technology and renders immigration officers at the airport to not stamp any paper when the person is leaving the country. However, the record gets saved in Saudi Arabian government records.

In this case when applying for a new visa in the homeland the agent might ask for the paper, simply ask him to process the case to the Saudi Arabian Embassy. They will be able to give records of the final exit visa.