Friday, May 18, 2018

Performing Hajj Without Permit or Tasreeh



In Saudi Arabia, performing Hajj without proper permission or legal transcription is illegal. If someone is caught for performing Hajj without legal permission his figure prints will be taken and will be sent back to his local city under the pending trial of violence.

 According to a new announcement from Passport Department, a number of nonnatives who conducts violence of rules for performing hajj last year was deported already. Their figure prints were already taken and were set free to their local cities. They were caught when they came for renewal of their re-entry or iqamas or muqeem card. MOI Absher services were already blocked to them. Those all non-native who conduct violence were sent to the non-native department for further procedure.

Those who were caught for violation of rules and their fingerprints were recorded and they were banned for 10 years after once they were deported for entering in Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

At the time of Hajj, more police forces will be all placed on the holy site of Makkah section to ensure the privileges of the permissible are allowed to perform Hajj.

The local inhabitant and citizen who wants to perform Hajj must register them on Hajj Ministery's website by selecting legal Hajj operators rather than to become a victim of illegal Hajj Operators that leads you to a  violation of Hajj. 

Those non-native without legal permission will be sent back to their home country while the Saudi citizen will be charged fines for violation of rules.
This rule was first applied in the year 2014 when 15000 illegal Hajj operators were caught in 2013.