Monday, May 28, 2018

How to Replace Damaged Iqama


Anyone who is working in Saudi Arabia is required by Saudi Government, to keep their iqama with them wherever they travel in the country.  The absence of iqama may cause the person fined heavily or deportation in extreme cases.
But, if iqama card gets damaged or broken by something, the authorities will not accept it. It will have to be replaced by Jawazat.
Following are the simple steps to replace iqama:
1.      The government relation officer of the company where the expatriate works needs to fill the form of damaged or lost iqama replacement (form 58).
2.      The form needs to be signed and stamped by the expatriate’s Kafeel.
3.      If the Iqama has a one year validity, a payment of SR 500 is required and if it has more than one year validity, SR 1,000 should be paid.
4.      Any unpaid traffic fines or violations under the damaged iqama should be paid off before submitting the iqama form to Jawazat office.
5.      Following documents are required when submitting the iqama form at Jawaza office:
·         Iqama Form
·         2 passport size photos
·         Passport in Original and Copy
·         Damaged Iqama
·         Copy of Iqama
·         Proof of Payment of Iqama Fee
After the submission of iqama form application, Jawazat officer will give the print of new iqama to be used while they iqama card is made.

Note: The government relation officer at expatriate’s office or the agent sitting outside Jawazat office building may help in this regard.