Friday, May 18, 2018

How to change Iqama or Visa Profession In Saudi Arabia


Changing of Visa profession or MOL KSA Iqama profession is important for those whose Iqama Profession or muqeem card profession is different as compared to their work. It is illegal to work differently from your Iqama profession in Saudi Arabia. GDP people can raid any time at any company to cross-check Iqama and your work position. In case you caught you can be seized.

While requesting for changing MOL KSA Iqama profession you can check the benefited profession in Saudi Arabia and you can choose best for their work. Benefited in since you can invite your family either in the visit or permanent etc.

Requirements for the change of Muqeem Profession in Saudi Arabia
  1.   Approval of higher degree certificates from Saudi Embassy and Saudi culture in your country.
  2.  Your approved degree should match with the Iqama profession you are applying for.
  3.  Requesting to change of profession in HRD department of your current working company required down payment of 1000 Saudi Riyal for a change of profession.
  4. Your request to change profession may be rejected if your Iqama is on the lower side, for example, Labor, Helper, Driver etc.

Reasons for Rejecting Profession change on your Iqama/Visa

  1. If your Iqama is at lower profile (Labor. Helper etc)
  2. If any traffic misconduct against your promoter or worker
  3. Lack of funds for a change of profession.
  4. If your request got rejected from a ministry of labor.
  5. If you are Driver, Housemaid, Helper etc. for home on an independent or private visa.
  6. If your Iqama is expired.
  7. If the worker status is a refugee from the manager.
  8. If you are already applied and waiting for you Iqama.