Monday, May 28, 2018

How to Cancel Final Exit Visa


As the name suggests, Final Exit Visa is issued when you decide to leave Saudi Arabia permanently. However, if for any reason you decide to stay longer after applying for the Final Exit visa, it can also be canceled.
Canceling the Final Exit Visa means you will be issued a new iqama.
Final exit visa can be canceled by your sponsor from his MOI account, but it can manually be canceled as well by following the below given steps:
Following are the requirements for canceling the Final Exit Visa:
To get the new iqama after the final exit visa, following documents have to be submitted to Jawazat:
Final Exit Visa Cancelation Form:
A Final Exit Visa cancelation form is to be filled. Which can be acquired from the agents outside the Jawazat office.
The cancelation form should be signed and stamped by the expatriate’s sponsor who processed the Final Exit Visa.
Request Letter from Employer:
A request letter by the employer will be required to cancel your Final Exit Visa. This letter should state clearly and in details as to why the cancelation is requested. This letter needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce of the city where your company is registered.
Iqama Renewal Fee:
When canceling the Final Exit Visa, if the validity of your old iqama is passed then iqama renewal fee will need to be paid. Finally, the following documents should be submitted along with the aforementioned form and letter:
·         Two photographs with white background
·         A copy of the final exit visa
·         A copy of the Iqama
·         A copy of the Passport