Sunday, May 27, 2018

How to bring pets to Saudi Arabia


To bring pets to Saudi Arabia, there is a long procedure to follow.  
First and foremost, it is to understand that Saudi Arabia is not a pet-friendly country but cats, a few breeds of dogs are usually allowed. But as mentioned earlier a very lengthy procedure is to be followed to take the pets to Saudi Arabia.  
All pet dogs should be stated by a licensed veterinarian that they are either certified service dogs, guard dogs or hunting dogs. 
Further, there is a long list of the breed of dogs that are, under any circumstances, not allowed there. The list includes but not limited to; Akita/Akita ImuGriffon Bruxellois/Brussels  Griffon/Brabancon/Belgian Griffon/Hovawart, Spitz, Affenpinscher, Boxer, any type of Bulldog, Rottweiler, any type of Terriers such as Bull terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dandie Dinmont, Lancashire Heeler, Swedish Vallhund/Swedish Cattle Dog/Vasgotspets, Newfoundland, Pit Bull, Great Dane/Deutscher Doggeevery breed of mastiff that include but not limited to Bull Mastiff, Old English Mastiff, Neopolitan Mastiff, Leonberger, Doberman.  
Rare, exotic as well as non-domestic pets are also not allowed to enter the country unless they are to be used for government purposes. 

Steps of procedure for taking pets to Saudi Arabia: 

1,Permit to import pet: 
First you should take the Import Permit before entering Saudi Arabia. It is an important document that permits your pet to enter Saudi Arabia. It is available from The Agricultural Directorate in Riyadh (not Ministry of Agriculture). After filling the form in Arabic, you are ready to submit it.  

2, Veterinary Health Certificate: 
 After you receive the Import Permit, you will need a Veterinary Health Certificate that states that your pet has been examined by a registered vet and has been given vaccines against any possible disease. It should be issued within 30 days or 10 days (as per your company requirement) before coming to Saudi Arabia. The certificate should be attested by a registered veterinarian, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Culture Office or/and Saudi Embassy in your country. Saudi Embassy attests the certificate if it’s translated into Arabic. 

3, Letter of Vaccination: 
Along with Veterinary Health Certificate, a letter including the list of all the vaccination given to your pet as well as the declaration of your pet's health (that it doesn’t have any disease, specially rabies) has to be with you before coming to Saudi Arabia. The letter should be addressed to the Director of Custom, Saudi Arabia. 

4, Physically Taking the Pet: 
After you got the Veterinary Health Certificate and The Letter of Vaccination, you can take your pet to Saudi Arabia. If you are travelling by Saudi Arabian Airlines, they allow the transfer of pet when it is properly caged and has certificate to transfer the pet within and across the country. If you are travelling by some other airlines, you will have to follow their rules and regulations regarding the pet transfer.  

5, Arriving at Saudi Arabia: 
When arrived at Saudi Arabia airport, you can collect your pet from Saudi Cargo Depot arrival to Saudi Arabia. You will need to fill the custom declaration form in Arabic. You can also hire a professional pet transfer to speed up your pet releasing process.