Monday, May 28, 2018

Do people need to change marital status when applying for Family Visa?


There are certain countries (like Pakistan) where marital status is not mentioned in the passports for men. It that case a man doesn’t need to change his marital status on his passport when applying for the permanent visa for his family. However, if it is mentioned in the passport then the man has to change his marital status in his passport.
If a Pakistani man wants to apply permanent visa for his family, he will only have to get the Yellow Paper (Family Visa), he will have to send it to his family for visa processing.
Whereas, if the person applying for the permanent family visa is a woman, then she will have to change her marital status to married.
Following are the steps to change the marital status of women:
1.      First get the overseas ID card with her husband’s name in place of her father.
2.      Then apply for a new passport that shows her spouse name instead of her father.
3.      An attested marriage certificate is required from the Ministry of Foreign Affair Pakistan. An authorized agent should translate and attest all the documents.
4.      Every child (including the infant) should have their own passport which shows the name of their father. Boys should be minor (less than 18-years old), and girls should not be married
5.      Birth Certificate of all the children is required form NADRA. Which should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan.

Note: Saudi Embassy can provide the list of all the Authorized Agents or Pakistan Progressive Association can provide authorized agents as well in case of a Pakistani family.