Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Do the expatriates have to pay dependent fee for the kids under 18?


Achieving long-term fiscal balance is every country’s main goal. Saudi Arabia is no different and has put together tough measures to achieve the same. One of the approaches that Saudi government took for economic growth is to impose the dependent fee on expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.
Now a lot of expatriates are in confusion as to whether they have to pay dependent fee who are younger than 18 years of age.
First off, as you might already know that dependents include the wife and kids of an expatriate. To make it easier to understand “a dependent is anyone who is recognized as a dependent by the Ministry of Interior”. You can check your MOI account to look at the list of your dependents. Parents if living in Saudi Arabia, however, are considered expatriates sponsored if they come under your sponsorship.
It is to take note that regardless of whether the dependents are 18 years or younger, you have to pay the dependent fee for them.
Every year dependents fee will increase by SR 1200 per dependent per annum i.e: it will be SR 2,400 per dependents from July 2018, SR 3,600 per dependent from July 2019 and SR 4,800 per dependent from July 2020.

This policy has made a lot of expatriates to send their families back to their homeland. It also increases the foreign remittance from Saudi Arabia.