Friday, May 18, 2018

Correct Your Name On Saudi Iqama


If you are new Saudi non-native and you received your iqama or muqeem card( residential permit in Saudi Arabia) for the first time, Then it is necessary for you to double check your Iqama or muqeem card name. Confirm, it is same as your passport name and the Arabic name pronounce same as an English name.
  • There is a chance for few non-native that their name is a little bit incorrect while comparing in passport or English and Arabic. It is not accepted, You must change it according to your passport name. Your Iqama or muqeem is not acceptable if the name is different whether it may be little or more than that.
  • Banks will not accept your Iqama whether it is at payment centers to send money to home country or banks while opening an account in Saudi Arabia. As per Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority guidelines, your Iqama will not be
    acceptable if it is not same as your passport details. 
  • You will not get any Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia as your passport name is changed from your iqama. Police Clearance Certificate is very useful while you are moving for work to European countries.

What to do if your Iqama or Muqeem Card have an incorrect name?

  • You should go to HR officer or government relation officer of your company and request him to change you iqama name as it is incorrect.
  • If your Iqama or muqeem card is misnamed in English he can change by accessing the online website and will get a hard copy of your Iqama next day.
  • If your Iqama is miss named in Arabic, he has to go to Jawazat office and will apply they're to change the name and will get a new hard copy of your Iqama next day.