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What is Iqama/ Muqeem in Saudi Arabia ? Procedure to get your Iqama in Saudi Arabia


Iqama/ Muqeem in Saudi Arabia

What is Iqama/ Muqeem?

If a person is living or working in Saudi Arabia he must have a personal identity card that is known as Iqama. Your id is required everywhere that is a number written on Iqama. Your sponsor arrange this Iqama for you when you come to Saudi Arabia on a working visa of 90 days.
It is basically permission from government for residence of expatriates after expiry of 90 days working visa. It is valid for one year in a Hijri date. This is very important thing for Expatriates .It is a requirement of law that needed by every expatriates for the legality of stay.
 It is required from appointment to doctor to visiting government department. It is not legal to stay in Saudi Arabia without it. You are not able to do anything without Iqama. At the beginning of Muharram 1437H, Muqeem card was launched. 

The appearance of Iqama is changed and now it is called as Muqeem card. It is valid for five years but have to renew it every year online. It is an identification card.


· Expatriates can take their family for visit for period of 6 months.
· It is temporary legal permission for living in Saudi Arabia.
· They can go for Umrah if they are Muslim expatriates.
· They can easily open a bank account.
· They can travel to different cities in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
· They can get driving license if they have Iqama.


1. Name in English
2. Name in Arabic
3. Iqama number
4. Serial number
5. Place of issue
6. Date of issue
7. Date of birth
8. Profession
9. Nationality
10. Religion
11. Name of employee
12. Iqama number in English

Documents required for applying Iqama:

– Visa Application form
– Medical Report
– 4 passport size Photographs
– Employment Letter
– Visa Reference Letter
– Educational Certificates with attestation
– Agreement or Contract Copy
– Authorization or Power of Attorney

Final Exit in Saudi Arabia


Final Exit in Saudi Arabia

In the end emigrants have to leave Saudia Arabia, as it is temporary. Your employer has to process final exit, therefore, be in good terms with them keeping in mind your contract period notice. If you are unfamiliar with your contract period notice then at least 30 days must be given for processing your final exit.
 It is very important to make sure you completed certain things before organizing your final exit visa in Saudia. You need your sponsor if you want to cancel your final exit visa. -send your family to your home country before you, if they are living with you in Saudia.
-To avoid getting your bank accounts frozen, you should withdraw all money beforehand. -Inform the landlord before 30 days if you are living in a rental house. Find someone for your house if the contract with your landlord is not completed.
 -To avoid getting in troubles at airport departure, you must clear all your bills and deactivate your credit cards and hand over them to their respective companies. -
 All your important articles should be sent to your home country through cargo, and sell your car before leaving.
- Electricity bills should be paid. Landlines and postpaid sim cars under your name and Iqama should be deactivated.
 -If you are planning to go to either European or western countries, you must get a police clearance certificate. End of service benefits: When your final exit visa is processed, you can appeal your employer to give you end of service benefits amount as cash as your bank account has been frozen. That amount can be sent to your home through any of your friends’ help, as you do not have iqama.
Final exit visa: Final exit visa should be kept safely, even when you are in your home country, as it will be required when you are employed on another job in Saudia Arabia. Some companies do not facilitate you with final exit paper as it is not stamped by immigration facilities. However your passport has a final exit stamp on it.

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If your family is in Saudi Arabia on permanent visa then you should apply for issuing iqama to your family members or dependents, This article will explain you what is the procedure to follow and what are the required documents for applying family iqama, before you apply for iqama to your dependent you need to pay dependent fee.Required documents for issuing family iqama : 1. Two photographs (Each Family Member) 2. Passport copy ( First Page & Visa Page) 3. Two Iqama copies 4. Family Iqama Filled Form You can fill the form with the help of agent (he will charge), who are sitting near to Saudi Jawazat office Or you may fill it online through MOI website...Go to Jawazat office of your city with filled form (family iqama form) and above documents. Find the counter where new iqama is issuing (you can ask at reception for counter) collect the token. On your turn, submit all documents, You also need to show your original iqama at counter. If everything goes perfect, Your family iqama will be printed and handle to you. If your baby or child born when you are already on permanent visa then you should read this article


As technology improving day by day all over the world, Saudi Arabia attracted many expatriates by providing the updating technology to government offices. Expatriates and nationals can access the updating technology benefits from online Ministry of Interior website, No need to go to your sponsor again and again for little little information.Many expatriates unaware of the online benefits provided by Saudi government officials for them. As we already seen, Requirements for Changing your profession on iqama and Reason for rejecting professions change in this article To check the status of your iqama profession follow the below steps. 1. To access to this service you need to register account in Ministry of Interior, To do this follow this article. If you already registered you can continue. 2. Login in MOI website with the user name and password you registered and Click on MY DASHBOARD (see the below picture) from the available tabs. 3. Now you can see your current Profession (See below Image) which is left side and exact below your photograph.


Changing of Visa profession or MOL KSA Iqama profession is necessary for those whose Iqama profession or muqeem card profession is different from their work. It is illegal to work different from your Iqama profession in Saudi Arabia. Jawazat people can raid any time at any company in case you caught you can be detained. While requesting for changing MOL KSA Iqama profession you can check the benefited professions in Saudi Arabia and choose the best which matches your work. Benefited in the sense inviting your family either in visit or permanent etc. Requirements for change of Muqeem profession in Saudi Arabia 1. Attestation of higher degree certificates from Saudi embassy and Saudi culture in your home country. Refer this article "Saudi Embassy Attestation procedure". 2. Your attestation degree certificate should match with the Iqama profession you are applying for. Recommended article "How to Check your muqeem Profession". 3. Request for change of profession in HRD department of your working company, required a deposited amount of 1000 Saudi Riyal for change of profession. 4. Change of profession may rejected if your Iqama profession is at lower side for example labor, driver, helper etc., Instead of this "benefited muqeem professions" list. Reasons for Rejecting profession change on your Iqama / Visa. 1. If your Iqama profession is at lower profile side (Labor, Helper etc,.). 2. If any Traffic violations against your sponsor or employee. You can always check your "traffic violations on Muqeem card" through MOI website. 3. No sufficient funds (Fees) are present for change of profession. 4. If your request did not approve from the ministry of labor. 5. If you are Driver, Housemaid, Helper, Labor etc. for home on individual or domestic visa. 6. If your Iqama is already expired, Check your "Muqeem Validity" through MOI.


As technology improving day by day, Saudi Arabia government is adapting all the services from manual work to online. Now sponsors or employers can renew employees resident card through online, If you already have new iqama, It does not have expiry date, If you have Iqama which is expired, Then your new iqama will be delivered to your employer through courier or Saudi post. - Iqama renewal in Saudi Arabia must be renewed at least 3 days before of its expiry date. - Iqama/Muqeem renewal for employee or workers is fee SR 650/- - Iqama/Muqeem renewal fee of family members or dependents above 18 years is SR 500/- - If your company has less than 50% of Saudi's, there will be a fee of SR 2400/- for labor office. However, This fee will be exempt for 4 expatriates, if your company (small business) has less than 10 employees. - Few of Residents from countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Thailand, Vietnam) have to provide medical test report while renewing muqeem. Once this process is finished, Your sponsor will collect your old iqama and get print of new muqeem card within two working days. Do not forget to collect a letter from your employer that your iqama is in under renewing. Attach your old iqama copy to that letter, this will be your temporary iqama.


CHECK IQAMA EXPIRY DATE OR VALIDITY To check Iqama validity or expiry date, you need Saudi iqama number only. Follow the below steps to inquire about your iqama validity. Visit the official website of MOI ( Ministry of Interior ), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Click on the above link, Enter IQAMA NUMBER and Image catchpa code, Click on VIEW. Now you can see your validity of iqama just above that box as shown in below image. You can also follow the below method to check your Iqama Expiry date or Validity. You can also inquire in the below mentioned way. 1. Select ENGLISH as language from the MOI website (www.moi.gov.sa) and find Electronic Inquiries (top Menu) just beside Eservices. 2. Click on Electronic Inquiries, Select PASSPORTS (left side tab) and it will extend, find "Query Iqama Expiry Service". 3. Click on "QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICE", Now you can see a webpage with two input boxes. 4. Type IQAMA NUMBER you want to enquire in first box which is "Iqama Number". 5. Enter the catchpa IMAGE CODE in second box, you can find it in below image. 6. Click on VIEW, To submit the enquiry of your iqama expiry date. Now you can see your iqama validity or expiry date above the form. The form will not change, Just check the top of form. It should be like this Iqama is valid till :YYYY/MM/DD ( Expiry date is in Hijri Date ).


NO MORE EXPIRY DATE ON IQAMA NEW MUQEEM CARDS EXPIRY DATE REPLACED WITH ISSUE DATE After a successful year of replacing expatriates Iqama's with a new muqeem identity card in Saudi Arabia, Now renewed iqama's got a slight change, Yes, now 5 years validity is gone from renewed muqeem cards now its displaying Issue date instead of Expiry date.Now renewed muqeem identity cards or iqama's got a slight changes in below places 1. "Expiry date (الانتهاء)" is replaced with "Issue date (الاصدار)". It does not mean Expiry date is gone, validity still available but it is online. 2. Place of Issue (مكان الاصدار) is now displaying "Electronic Services (الخدمات الإلكترونية)" instead of "City Name". 3. "Business License number (رخصة العمل)" is no more available on renewed muqeem cards. - Expatriates who already renewed their muqeem cards may already noticed a change, Yes old muqeem cards are now replacing with new muqeem cards, But it is not sure whether it will be change yearly or once in a five years Few people may get both iqama cards, Five years validity card and a new card, Those people have to keep in mind that only the new one is valid and the old one is already expired even though it has 5 years validity, As the authorities will now check your "card number (نسخه)". "Iqama copy number (نسخه)" is a number, Which will change every time you get a new iqama, Whether you change your name or you renewed iqama or you transfer iqama, The number will change each and every time, This is one of the authentic method to get caught if you are using valid card or not. - Last year (1437), Saudi Arabia's government bring a change on expatriates iqama identity cards, The validity of the iqama card extended to 5 years instead of 1 year and the name iqama renamed as muqeem residence identity card.

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Iqama Name Correction

If you happen to be a new Saudi resident and you’ve just collected your Iqama or Muqeem Card (Residence Permit in Saudi Arabia) then it is very important for you to check your name on Iqama or Muqeem Card. You should confirm it if it is same as your name mentioned on the passport. You should also check if the Arabic name pronounces same as the English name. It is not accepted if your name differs from English, Arabic and the name on the passport although it would be very difficult to process with the little changes in the name. The banks, where you have to send money back home (remittance) or happen to open up a new bank account would not accept your Iqama because of the difference of names as per Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA) If you travel for work from Saudi Arabia to different European countries you may need Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and if your name on Iqama is not correct you may not get cleared. What to do if your Iqama name is incorrect? By going to Human Resource (HR) office or Government relation office of the company you work for and ask them to change it. They can access website online, change it there and get a new print of your Iqama if your English name is not correct. They would go to Jazawath Office and get a new print of Iqama for you if your Arabic name is incorrect.

Correct Your Name On Saudi Iqama

If you are new Saudi non-native and you received your iqama or muqeem card( residential permit in Saudi Arabia) for the first time, Then it is necessary for you to double check your Iqama or muqeem card name. Confirm, it is same as your passport name and the Arabic name pronounce same as an English name.
  • There is a chance for few non-native that their name is a little bit incorrect while comparing in passport or English and Arabic. It is not accepted, You must change it according to your passport name. Your Iqama or muqeem is not acceptable if the name is different whether it may be little or more than that.
  • Banks will not accept your Iqama whether it is at payment centers to send money to home country or banks while opening an account in Saudi Arabia. As per Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority guidelines, your Iqama will not be
    acceptable if it is not same as your passport details. 
  • You will not get any Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia as your passport name is changed from your iqama. Police Clearance Certificate is very useful while you are moving for work to European countries.

What to do if your Iqama or Muqeem Card have an incorrect name?

  • You should go to HR officer or government relation officer of your company and request him to change you iqama name as it is incorrect.
  • If your Iqama or muqeem card is misnamed in English he can change by accessing the online website and will get a hard copy of your Iqama next day.
  • If your Iqama is miss named in Arabic, he has to go to Jawazat office and will apply they're to change the name and will get a new hard copy of your Iqama next day.

What To Do If You Lost Iqama In Saudi Arabia


If someone lost their Iqama and don’t know what to do after that. Don’t worry here is the simple yet difficult procedure for you to follow, in case if you lost your muqeem card or Iqama.
Things to know:
  • Fee appropriate for the loss of Iqama or muqeem card( Saudi Arabia ID card) for the first time is SR 1000/- for the second time it is SR 2000/- and for the third time is SR 3000/- 
  •  According to the Arab News (Dated; 24-03-2014) if your Iqama is stolen, Report it within 24 hours and avoid punishment.

Things to do if you lost your Iqama:
  •  Firstly check all possible places to find your Muqeem card or Iqama, If still unable to find your Iqama then you must report it to your sponsor.
  •  Make a written wrote in Arabic, How you lost your Iqama and where you lost it. Then report it to the police with the help of your company person, who deals with your company iqama’s or your company will assign this task to someone else.
  • Your sponsoring kafeel should arrange Arabic statement in your company logo letterhead signed by Chamber of Commerce and it must explain how you lost your Iqama and where you lost it. (Chamber of Commerce sign are not for those who are a worker in public sector or government companies like Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudi Aramco, SABIC in which countries own 50% of capital).
  •  If your Iqama expiry date is one year or less, then you must have to pay one-year Iqama fee SR 650/-
  • A specific person from your sponsor should visit Jawazat with Letter pad Arabic written statement, Two photographs, Copy of Lost Iqama, Copy of Passport, Payment proof of fine (SR 1000/-) and Fee (SR 650/-) and Jawazat filled form.
  • If everything is according to the method, You will get a hard copy of Iqama or Muqeem Card on the same day or maybe next day.

It is recommended to keep your contact details under your wallet where you put your Iqama. If someone found your lost Iqama he may return you IN SHA ALLAH.

How to change Iqama or Visa Profession In Saudi Arabia

Changing of Visa profession or MOL KSA Iqama profession is important for those whose Iqama Profession or muqeem card profession is different as compared to their work. It is illegal to work differently from your Iqama profession in Saudi Arabia. GDP people can raid any time at any company to cross-check Iqama and your work position. In case you caught you can be seized.

While requesting for changing MOL KSA Iqama profession you can check the benefited profession in Saudi Arabia and you can choose best for their work. Benefited in since you can invite your family either in the visit or permanent etc.

Requirements for the change of Muqeem Profession in Saudi Arabia
  1.   Approval of higher degree certificates from Saudi Embassy and Saudi culture in your country.
  2.  Your approved degree should match with the Iqama profession you are applying for.
  3.  Requesting to change of profession in HRD department of your current working company required down payment of 1000 Saudi Riyal for a change of profession.
  4. Your request to change profession may be rejected if your Iqama is on the lower side, for example, Labor, Helper, Driver etc.

Reasons for Rejecting Profession change on your Iqama/Visa

  1. If your Iqama is at lower profile (Labor. Helper etc)
  2. If any traffic misconduct against your promoter or worker
  3. Lack of funds for a change of profession.
  4. If your request got rejected from a ministry of labor.
  5. If you are Driver, Housemaid, Helper etc. for home on an independent or private visa.
  6. If your Iqama is expired.
  7. If the worker status is a refugee from the manager.
  8. If you are already applied and waiting for you Iqama.

Performing Hajj Without Permit or Tasreeh



In Saudi Arabia, performing Hajj without proper permission or legal transcription is illegal. If someone is caught for performing Hajj without legal permission his figure prints will be taken and will be sent back to his local city under the pending trial of violence.

 According to a new announcement from Passport Department, a number of nonnatives who conducts violence of rules for performing hajj last year was deported already. Their figure prints were already taken and were set free to their local cities. They were caught when they came for renewal of their re-entry or iqamas or muqeem card. MOI Absher services were already blocked to them. Those all non-native who conduct violence were sent to the non-native department for further procedure.

Those who were caught for violation of rules and their fingerprints were recorded and they were banned for 10 years after once they were deported for entering in Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

At the time of Hajj, more police forces will be all placed on the holy site of Makkah section to ensure the privileges of the permissible are allowed to perform Hajj.

The local inhabitant and citizen who wants to perform Hajj must register them on Hajj Ministery's website by selecting legal Hajj operators rather than to become a victim of illegal Hajj Operators that leads you to a  violation of Hajj. 

Those non-native without legal permission will be sent back to their home country while the Saudi citizen will be charged fines for violation of rules.
This rule was first applied in the year 2014 when 15000 illegal Hajj operators were caught in 2013.

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4 Categories of Petrol Stations in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the minister of Municipal and Rural affairs Abdul Latif Bin Abdul Malik Al- Sheikh approved the bylaws to divide the gas stations and petrol stations and service centers into four main categories depending on their location, area, and facilities. CATEGORIES OF PETROL STATIONS: What are these four categories lets readout below? 1-The first category of service centers and gas stations and petrol stations include those service stations that are located on highways covering an area of 10,000 square meters.
2-The second category covers all those service stations and gas stations and petrol stations that are located on highways covering the area of 6,000 square meters.
3-The third category covers all those gas stations and petrol stations and service center that are located in approved planned districts in cities and covers an area of 3,000 square meters. 4-The fourth category includes all those gas stations and petrol stations and service centers that are placed in an approved and planned districts in cities and has the area of 2,000 square meters. RULES FOR PETROL STATIONS: Besides these four categories, the bylaws stipulate some further rules. A-All the gas stations and petrol stations and service stations on highways in the same direction should be built with the distance of 50 kilometers. B-The distance between the gas stations and petrol stations on roads other than highways should not be less than 20 kilometers. C-The gas stations and petrol stations are not allowed to make any change on entry or exit point once the license has been issued. D-The gas stations and petrol stations and service station must be located at a distance of 25 meters from factories, hospitals, schools, wedding halls and shopping malls. E-The gas stations and petrol stations and worker’s accommodation are permitted for recreational and commercial activities that suit that area and location.

SR 10,000 Fines, Deportation and 5 Years Ban on Workers absent from Work

SR 10,000 Fines, Deportation and 5 Years Ban on Workers absent from Work... Saudi Press Agency has published a statement issued by the Jawazat or Passport Department in Saudi Arabia stating that a worker who remains absent from work will be fined with SR 10,000 followed by deportation. These expatriates will be banned from entering back to Saudi Arabia for 5 years. It is important to mention here that it is the duty of every employer to report absenteeism of every worker to labor office and Jawazat. Moreover, the public at large should not be employing those workers who are absent from work. A resident who employs a worker who is absent from his work will be fined with SR 10,000 and jailed for 6 months. If the resident is an expatriate, he will also be deported at the end of the imprisonment with a ban of 5 years to enter back to Saudi Arabia. It is very important for all of us to realize that it can be a dangerous issue resulting in a full stop to your growing career. A worker who is absent from work is also called Huroob. If Huroob is set against an expatriate, it means that the expatriate has run away from his employer. If police catch such guy, he is immediately detained and deported from Saudi Arabia with 5 years ban. Their iqama is not renewed; they cannot leave Kingdom. Their bank accounts are seized.[irp] With this new development in the Saudi Laws, now the employee who was absent from work will also have to pay a fine of SR 10,000 before deportation. We have published many articles about Huroob in the past which are given below. It will help you out in understanding this dilemma. Source: Saudi Gazette

This is how the life of Shumaisi Detention Centers looks like from inside

These days, illegal residents in the Kingdom are quiet in news. With the initial of 3 months, long amnesty time offered under a campaign “a nation without violators”, people are aware that soon a crackdown will begin against illegal expats living in the Kingdom. The crackdown will be against those not availing the once in a lifetime opportunity and leaving on their own. Yet one does think that where these illegal foreigners would be kept until they are deported? In which conditions, shall they be kept? Will they be treated badly? Will there be human rights violation?[irp] Worry not; Shumaisi Detention center is equipped to entertain 32,000 law violators. The detention center has been built along Jeddah-Makkah Expressway at an area of 2.5 million square meters. The information has been disclosed by the officer who oversees the center: Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Al-Hamzi. The detention center will be having those who had violated residency laws and labor regulations. The inmates shall be detained here until the legal process for deporting these undocumented expats will be completed. Then they shall be deported to their nations. Until then, they shall be treated as guests. Their health, food and medical requirements shall be met at government expense. They shall be deported on the government expense as well.
Not only the detention center is prepared to provide healthcare and food yet it is equipped to provide legal assistance. Foreign consultancy offices have been established for this purpose. The center which is under the supervision of finance ministry has catered for a hospital, a bakery and a kitchen. The kitchen is extended over an area of 13,200 sq. meters. It has the ability to serve 150,000 hot and cold meals daily. Inmates can enjoy juices, water, different types of fruits and a variety of meals.
It has an amazing laundry which can wash 13 tons of clothes per hour. The detainees neither have to wash their clothes nor iron them. The washed clothes shall be given to them after being ironed. They don’t have to worry about dirty bed sheets, pillows or blankets as they shall be cleaned daily. Keeping in view health problems a hospital equipped with 50 beds has been built and a shelter home as wide as 440,000 sq. meters. An isolation unit will be there to isolate people suffering from communicable diseases. The isolation centers are separate for males and females. All inmates shall be admitted in detained center after a medical test. A lounge has been set apart as a waiting area. Those residents whose paperwork has completed can wait there. They shall be taken to the King Abdulaziz International Airport through buses for deporting them. The computer systems of centers shall record all information of the inmates. The biometric procedure shall be followed for all deportees. After going through biometric they shall be handed down to their nation. As there is always a complaint of loss of belonging, a cloakroom is established to set aside inmate’s belongings.[irp]